First Step Academy is a primary school in Pomadze, Ghana, West Africa. Our students are some of the most vulnerable in the area, and 95% of school fees are subsidized.

Vision Statement

The vision of First Step Academy is taken from Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:16: “Let  your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Through education, it is our desire to be a lighthouse where children can pursue their educational dreams, discover their talents, and shine a light to others.

Mission Statement

First Step Academy is committed the educational and social needs of students and families to reduce incidences of child exploitation. Additionally, we are committed to providing a quality, standards-based education.

About Us

First Step Academy is located in Pomadze, Ghana, West Africa. Pomadze is a rural community in Ghana’s central region where a high number of girls do not continue school past class 6 because of teenage pregnancy, child marriage, and familial pressures to work to support the family’s income.

First Step Academy is raising the next generation of Ghana’s leaders and providing economic independence to the local community by promoting education as a way to combat these issues. Currently, First Step Academy enrolls 115 children ages 3-10 and employs 6 full-time staff.

Stephen Addo is the founder of First Step Academy and works with an organization that rescues and rehabilitates children who have been trafficked into Ghana’s exploitive labor industry. Through his first-hand experiences with this modern-day slavery, Stephen knew that education was a way to prevent trafficking and realized his vision to start a school in his own community. He sees First Step Academy as a place where children can receive a quality education, families are empowered, and  everyone educated about the importance of their child’s education.

With the continued support of our donors, First Step Academy subsidies over 95% of school fees and is able to continue to support children so they can let their light shine across Ghana and the world!